A Word From The Owner

My passion lies not just in showing women and men that they can heal their own bodies… but also in showing them how to do it.
— Sheri VanElls

I found Pilates twelve years ago when a chiropractor who was helping me heal a severe back injury recommended that I strengthen my core and do so through Pilates.

So I did… and I’ve never looked back.

My own physical transformation amazed me- I was so much stronger, I had balance and control of my body, and my pain was gone.

This was when I realized that I wanted to help others see their own potential to heal; that regardless of past/present injuries or physical barriers- any one of us has the ability to seek our own best life through care and quality movement.

Since that realization, I have immersed myself in my own practice, instruction and schooling. I knew that to help others achieve the most incredible transformations they could have - I would have to be the best teacher I could possibly be.

I am a proud member of the Pilates Method Alliance and I educate myself with required and desired continuing courses to keep abreast applicable movements for various body deficiencies.

The work I do is more fulfilling and gratifying than I could ever express. Helping others regain movement, acquire balance with confidence, and feel they are taking control of THEIR life with a more active lifestyle that is designed for their body, their ability, and their comfort level… is truly the work I was sent here to do.

We are taught to believe that chronic pain or intense injuries are the end of our ability to move... but I just don’t believe that that’s the truth.

I have worked with countless individuals with an array of movement limitations: from hip/knee replacements, mastectomy/cancer survivors, post rehab, and people with just an overall lack of flexibility, strength or chronic tightness… and I have watched each and every one of them find relief in their pain and reclaim their natural right to move.

I am humbled when an individual puts their trust in me, and together we work to attain their goal no matter where the starting point is.

I have one goal with each and every client that walks in to my studio, and that is to show them them that they have the choice, at any moment, to regain their movement and once again participate fully in their lives.

I look forward to working with you.