Introductory Offer:

These two sessions are one hour in length and are at a reduced rate to give you the opportunity see if Pilates is for you.
This introductory offer allows us to look at your strengths, assess your movement ability, and introduce the studios' philosophy to you.

Private Sessions

A one-on-one session that is designed to meet the clients specific needs and goals.
These sessions are perfect for those new to Pilates or an experienced individual looking for a new challenge.


A duet or semi-private is a scheduled session of 2 people that want to work together.
You can choose to work with a family member, a friend, or a spouse at a discounted rate while working on the same goals.

Group Sessions

Springboard and Circuit Classes

A small group of 3-4 participants already familiar with Pilates and the apparatuses.
These group classes are a more cost-effective way to practice Pilates for those that need less individual focus on body alignment.

Mat Pilates Basics with Props

Mat Pilates will be the focus as we use bands, weights, and small props to round out this 50-minute session.